Empowering Patients Through Connected Health

Technology has the power to revolutionize healthcare and create solutions to improve patients’ experience of care. We are excited to merge our technology know-how with a deep understanding of patient behavior and complex healthcare environments.

Discover MedClinik’s mobile and digital solutions to connect patients to their health, treatment and healthcare providers.

Patient Engagement

Solutions are only good if they are useful to patients. Our focus is in offering medically validated solutions that meet unanswered needs on the most patient friendly interface possible to maximize use.

Beyond the Pill

Boosting adherence to medication to improve clinical outcomes.
By understanding the determinants of patients’ health behavior, we create solutions that support them in integrating their treatment into their daily lives.

Patient Empowerment

Our mission is to provide practical action-oriented tools to support patients facing the challenges of their health conditions. Our aim is to make a difference in patients’ experience of care and quality of life.